Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A good dinner always starts with an appetizer, and therefore I´m starting this blog with that too. And not just some average one, nooo, this is really tasty, unusual and stealing the show!
Look at this beauty:

What is it? It´s shrimp, chicken and bacon....all in one!
The genius who came up with this recipe is Tom Porter, you´ll find his recipe here. And while you´re there, don´t forget to check out the rest of his website!

What do you need for these babies? Large raw shrimps, chicken breasts and bacon! First you'll start with cutting the chicken breasts in rather large cubes and let them marinate in the rub for a while. For the chicken rub I used a mixture of Old Bay Seasoning and smoked paprika powder. Clean the shrimps and slice them almost all the way through. Put one piece of chicken in a shrimp, wrap it with bacon and use a toothpick to hold it all together.
In the meantime I soaked some wood chips in water, peach this time. That would give an extra yummy taste to the Shigen!

It´s important to keep the temperature of your smoker or barbecue very low. Tom used a smoker in his recipe, but since I don't have one I had to use the Weber barbecue. It turned out that it's no problem to do this little project with a Weber OTS. When the temperature had reached 240F, I added the wood chips to the coals and the Shigen were ready to be put on the grill!

And this is after about 25 minutes, almost done, and that smell was very promising!

The BBQ sauce I served with the Shigen was a roasted garlic-honey sauce, and I added a little Sriracha, just to give the sauce a bit of heat.

I assume I don´t have to mention that they were all gone very soon....! Try them, with your favorite rub and sauce, it will definitely be a huge success at your next party!!


  1. What a beauty.... the site and the shrimps.....i'm linking your blog on mine site too...good job;-)

  2. Wow, this looks yummie Hanneke. Congratulations with your first post on your brand new blog. The site looks very nice.

    I'll make these beautiful Shigen this week! I'm feeling hungry already :-)

    Tweet u later!

  3. MMmmmm. looks great. You can't beat shrimp and bacon!

  4. Wow, your first blog post and it was written like a pro!, and what a great choice starting with an appetizer, but I always knew that you were a smart one.

    Welcome to the blogging world and looking forward to your second post.

    Wilfred Reinke

  5. Hanneke, these look delicious! Tell me, what kind of sauce or seasoning would you personally put on these?

  6. thank you all!! I really appreciate it!
    @Scott Roberts: the sauce I used (was from Dinosaur BBQ)was great, but I'm gonna try others too, recommend any?

  7. Wonderful, Hanneke. So glad you've started to blog your creations. Looking forward to more posts. I love your pictures of your cookbooks. I own many of the same ones, at least from the barbecue section! (I noticed you're missing one though...:))

  8. Julie!! haha I know, still missing your cookbook...I'm ashamed....:-) thanks!!