Monday, September 20, 2010

A Special Package

Dear Santa,
I know you're very busy, but the package I received last week was waaaay too early!!
But I'm not complaining, please keep sending new wish-list is already on it's way to the Northpole!!

Wooh!!! Now this package made my day, made my week!!! And I assume you want to know what was the content of this box (yeah you do, don't you...??) .... okay, I'll show you:

* one bag of plum wood chunks
* one bag of whiskey soaked almond wood chunks
These came from Baxter's Original

* two jars of Big Butz BBQ Sauce Original
* two jars of Big Butz BBQ Sauce Cranberry
These came from Big Butz BBQ Sauce

I have lots of ideas for great meals with it, so stay tuned!

I'm a happy Dutchess!!

#Note for my Dutch readers: make a calculation before you order such products in the USA….customs is watching you and will charge you extra : 19% over the products costs + shipping costs + ensurance! You will be charged for this when the package is being delivered at your door.
If you want to know more about this, you can check it here nederlandse douane


  1. Awesome that you got smokewood and that amazing sauce all the way from across the pond. Enjoy cooking with them!