Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fajitas, my way

I have to admit that I never made fajitas before, and now all I can say is that I regret that!! This was really Heaven On A Plate, and maybe it wasn´t exactly the way it should have been made, but as long as a meal makes you feel like this one did....then it´s ok with me!
And because it was so good, I´m gonna make this again on monday....can´t wait!!

The ingredients I used for this recipe:

2 beef tenderloins (you can also use flank steak)
2 avocados, ripe ones
2 cans of sour cream (small cans)
1 package of guacamole mix (I used the brand Santa Maria)
tortillas (I used herbs and garlic tortillas, wow!)
2 large onions (one white, one red)
1 large red bell pepper
1 hot chili pepper (or choose your own favorite)
shredded aged cheese
a few tomatoes

First of all, time to light the coals!
Slice the onions and peppers and sprinkle them with some olive oil. They will meet the grill first, before the other ingredients do.

After this it´s time to make the guacamole, that´s easy because all you have to do is mix the avocados with the mix and add 1 can of sour cream. Easy does it! Cover with plastic wrap directly on the surface of the guacamole to prevent oxidation. Put this in the fridge.
Then slice the tomatoes and cucumbers and arrange them on a plate with the other can of sour cream.

For the beef I used a barbecue rub from the brand NoMu, this is a South African brand, and they have several rubs. For meat, chicken, fish and vegetables.
Put the onions and peppers on the grill, use direct heat and don´t forget to stir! After 10 minutes you can put the basket away from the heat and start grilling the tenderloins for about 5 minutes.

Wrap the beef in foil and let it rest for a few minutes. And now comes the tricky part, and I screwed up 2 times, no pictures of that! The package of the tortillas said, you should preheat them, then stuff them and then back on the grill.
Don´t. It won´t work, unless you like black tortillas, and I don´t.

Slice the beef and put the pieces on one side of a non-pre-grilled tortilla, add the onions and pepper mixture, sprinkle with a lot of cheese and place this carefully (!) on the grill, not using direct heat! Close the lid and wait a minute, do a check if the cheese is melting and then move it over to your plate!
Add guacamole and sour cream and then......

no further comment, I loved it.........
Oh I almost forgot to serve some wine with it, a rosé this time, a dry french one:

For your information: it wasn´t empty when I bought it!
And now, please excuse me, I´m gonna dream about these fajitas......make them!


  1. That looks like something my wife and I would both like, She is not a huge fan of my bacon base recipes of late, so this looks to be a fine alternative.

    thanks for posting it!

  2. it is really great! maybe because I just like guacamole so it´s super, try it!